Photo Dynamic Therapy

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is an alternative, non surgical method of treatment for non pigmented skin cancers.

MAL is a cream that contains methyl aminolevulinate. This substance is specifically absorbed into the altered skin cells of these lesions. MAL causes compounds called porphyrins to accumulate and be absorbed selectively by the Actinic Keratosis, Solar Keratosis and Basel Cell Carcinoma. These porphyrins are light sensitive, so when the MAL is illuminated and activated by an appropriate red light source it causes a reaction in the skin cells and treats the lesion.

Due to the non-invasive and selective nature of the treatment, the potential for scarring and side effects are minimised. Several lesions can be treated at the same time. Side effects such as redness and crusting are generally of mild to moderate intensity and usually resolve rapidly.

Excellent cosmetic outcomes without scars are always achieved.

Dr John Goldston will assess your skin and if MAL PDT is medically indicated, will advise you of the quantity of cream you will need. Appointments with Dr John Goldston attract a Medicare rebate.

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